Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fashy Moments

New Year’s Resolution

Years ago I had this surprising vision of my neighbor's roof out my kitchen window for a long time I have looked for the same effect and did not see it again. (Writing that day below) This morning I looked out and the twinkly little drops were there again. But…it was not the same thrill. Not the same still moment of wonder. Just the roll of the water twinkling in the sun as the frost melted.

Then I went outside. It is a frosty day bright, crisp, and cold. I heard the little humming birds tweet in the trees and as I looked to make sure they had nectar in the feeder. A little male flew about 4 feet away from me stopped in mid air to check me out then flew to the feeder and ate. Every once in a while as he licked up the sweet nectar he looked at me to make sure I wasn't going to get him. As he turned his brilliant ruby throat flashed in the sun. I had the same breathtaking awe as I had when I first saw the drops sparkle in the sun on the frosted roof.

I wonder if this is why we get bored. This thrilling realization feeling is very intoxicating. The exhilaration of seeing something for the first time is quite amazing and the desire to repeat it is almost irresistible. But is there a down side to this?

As I experienced with the roof the second time is not as powerful. In fact it is a bit flat. I wonder if looking at that roof again will ever feel like the first time. Enjoying the moments that come our way as the flash of red of the hummingbird’s throat or the sparkles on the roof were are the highlights in the painting of life. Those moments that stand out to give us pleasure while the rest of life is being lived.

I will enjoy the moments as they come and find pleasure in the things that are not flashy. This will make all of life worthwhile.

A Black Roof

Night falls—A Sun dried black roof sits in the amber glow of the streetlights. Slowly tiny white fingers creep across the dark granular surface turning it into an invisible gray. The black roof is perched chilled in the amber glow waiting for redemption. Stony silence fills the night air as everything slumbers.

A faint glow at the edge of sight wakes the tiny birds sleeping in the trees. One by one they begin their morning serenade. The air fills with their music. Pink clouds fill the heavens above echoing the peachy glow of the streetlights. The peachy color turns to clear light revealing the white blanket covering the darkness of the black roof.

Quietly but swiftly fingers of brightness reach out to touch the top of the chimney warming the first row of bricks causing the tiny crystal tendrils to change form and flow under the white blanket below. Color transforms as the crystals feel the fingers of the clear transformed essence of the whiteness sneak under the blanket and dissolve its resolve to be there.

The light reaches the peak of the roof making a jagged outline of the house next door. The outline creeps relentlessly down the rough surface of the black roof, keeping its shape as it descends. The clear essence sneaks under the whiteness as it intrudes further down the surface of the black roof.

The sun’s rays hit, clear drops tumble down each shingle, each one twinkling with joy like star glitter is dancing on the black roof’s rough surface. Darkness seeps down the slope to fan out like feathers under the whiteness below.

Soon the whiteness is no more the black roof twinkles with delight. It crackles quietly as tiny wisps of white gossamer waft into the air. Redeemed at last the black roof is dry again. A day has begun.