Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7th 2009

Today I saw the pictures from the Italian earthquake. The houses fallen, the rescuers bringing out the injured, the death toll of 200 so far. The after shocks are still .5 on the Rictor scale, enough to knock down what is left of the town and stop the rescuers from finding the injured.

The sadist part is that a week ago a lone seismologist went around the town with a bull horn warning of the coming earthquake and was stopped from disturbing the peace by the police and his colleagues discounted his evaluation of the danger and everyone--everyone did nothing!

In the fast 20 years those who have had control, as these colleagues did, of the information about global warming have done the same! Discrediting those who say there is danger, discounting the loudest voices and put out false information to cover their tactics.

Will we all be that stupid to listen to these people who soften the information so it does not scare people? Will the earth dangers what ever they are in your area go unprepared for? Will they catch us in our beds like they did yesterday in Italy?

I pray not! Do what you can to get the most difficult news and protect yourselves. NO FEAR JUST PREPAREDNESS!