Monday, December 29, 2008

Royalty Stops for a Treat on the Way

Monarch Butterflies have been a part of my life since I was a little child. I was raised in Pacific Grove, California where the Monarchs rest on their long journey from north to south. They fill the tall pine trees along the State Park at Asilamar, hanging from the branches like garlands of orange and black flowers only they flutter even if there is no wind. They gather their strength for the rest of the flight.

Since I was raised in this wonderous place I was a butterfly, nurse to the butterflies, in a train full of butterflies or anything else our teachers could cook up so we could be in the Pacific Grove annual "Butterfly Parade".

Their migration from the flowers of the north to Mexico each year is remarkable. This one stopped by my Cosmos for a treat on its way down the coast of California.

As I painted it I realized I had never known that Monarchs have white spots all over their little bodies. Wow! as many times as I made myself into a Monarch Butterfly I never knew that.

I guess when you paint something you see things that you normally don't notice.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Gifts at Christmas Time

There is not much you can give to a parent on any occasion that is not redundant or not necessary. They have lived their lives, accumulated their needs, established their homes and met their own desires.

But… there is one thing they can not do for themselves. One thing that only a child, little or grown, can do for a parent.

Respect them for the attempt to raise you

Weather you have a “good” parent or one that has failed you in some way or even in all ways each one has attempted to do their best.

War, injury, illness, pain--physical and emotional, too much intelligence or not enough, too much work or not enough work, economic excess or money problems, other duties imposed by outer circumstances, duties imposed by negative behavior of other family members, difficulties with other adult members of the family, religious or philosophical differences, dislocations, deaths that may cause mourning depression that lasts too long for others comfort, destructive habits, inabilities and incompetence, incompatibilities, disappointments, discouragements, are just a few of the mine fields they had to walk through as they were trying to do their best for you.

Some did not make it through, trauma caused PTSD in some making it imposable to be OK for you, the death of their own parents may become too much for them to bear, the loss of a job, the loss of their own dignity through intolerance of others, the pain of their own frail lives may have rendered them less than perfect.

But they tried to the best of their ability.

When it is your turn to be the parent I only hope your children realize this.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ode to an Orange III

I come to this time of year when as I walk around any store I hear sniff, cough, sneeze on the other side of the isle, the little kid who is standing in line next to me can barely be understood because of his stuffy nose, and the cashier sneezes into her hand just before she hands me my change. I can not deny it reminds me of my love of oranges and the odes I have written to this golden orb.

Here is the latest installment. (the other two are in Poetry)

Ode to an Orange III

Oh little orb of happiness
You sweetness we do cherish
We roll you like a piece of dough
And squish you until at last
We prick your wrinkly rind
With peppermint so strait and fine
And suck sublime fruity minty sweet juice
Until you look like your skin is loose.

Our tummies full we turn a new
To find a few clove blossoms
all dry and brown
That fill you skin with a heavenly smell
As we push them into your little shell.
We tie on a bow and hang you low

As you dry your fragrance fills our closets.
We can ignore the smell of the world out side
Because your beauty fills our world
With joy and pride.

How can we thank you for such bliss?
We will plant you with a kiss
Of heaven, earth, and stars above
To show you how much we love
The joy you bring at Christmas time

Merry Christmas