Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Will You Do If you Don't?

Today is the precursor to tomorrow.

What if this Walnut tree did not bloom in the dead of winter? What if it said "I am too little; the best I can do is a few walnuts anyway. Why bother?!

Would I have these lovely little walnuts growing on it in June? Does it care if I may eat them or not? No, but the squirrels will, I am sure. The nut may even be planted by one industrious little squirrel thinking it will be a nice snack only to find later a small walnut tree instead of a good meal.
What if I did not plant a one foot thin little hedge in the front of my garden bed in 2005 with the sun beating down and the wind blowing and drying out this little parcel of my yard? I did not know if I would be here to see it, but what if I didn't plant it? What would I have now?

Would I have this lovely 5 foot hedge in 2010 protecting my vegies from the late afternoon wind and the beating summer sun? In 2005 I really did not know if I would be here in 2010 but I am AND SO IS MY HEDGE.

If I had just said "It's too hard. It's too much work. I don't like dirt anyway. I won't be here anyway." Or my little walnut had said "It's too cold! I don't have what I think I need to make fruit. Who cares if I make walnuts anyway?" Would I have a hedge or would my little walnut tree have great big walnuts on it?

If you don't do what is in front of you--school, home chores, learning how to take care of you body, or practicing things that are hard, scary, or one of the small steps toward a goal--you will not have the fruit tomorrow will you.

Will you?
Then what will you do? What will you have? Where will you go?