Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ode to an Orange III

I come to this time of year when as I walk around any store I hear sniff, cough, sneeze on the other side of the isle, the little kid who is standing in line next to me can barely be understood because of his stuffy nose, and the cashier sneezes into her hand just before she hands me my change. I can not deny it reminds me of my love of oranges and the odes I have written to this golden orb.

Here is the latest installment. (the other two are in Poetry)

Ode to an Orange III

Oh little orb of happiness
You sweetness we do cherish
We roll you like a piece of dough
And squish you until at last
We prick your wrinkly rind
With peppermint so strait and fine
And suck sublime fruity minty sweet juice
Until you look like your skin is loose.

Our tummies full we turn a new
To find a few clove blossoms
all dry and brown
That fill you skin with a heavenly smell
As we push them into your little shell.
We tie on a bow and hang you low

As you dry your fragrance fills our closets.
We can ignore the smell of the world out side
Because your beauty fills our world
With joy and pride.

How can we thank you for such bliss?
We will plant you with a kiss
Of heaven, earth, and stars above
To show you how much we love
The joy you bring at Christmas time

Merry Christmas

1 comment:

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh I love it! I wasn't sure you could do better than last year, but I think you did. I like the bit about the clove oranges. A lot.

Love Val