Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have been very partisan in this last year as we came toward choosing a new leader of our country. Now that the country has made its choice, I choose to be an American rather than being named one party or another.

We have challenges that are at best hard—at worse could divide us further. But we must now accept the decisions and turn our eyes to the things that matter to us most. It is time to rally to our own best interests and drop the bickering that has caused us this harm.

There is no better place to live, no better way to live it. But, in order to benefit from this way of life we must embrace it and go on to fill our selves with hope for our own and our grandchildren’s future.

If we stay bitter we will kill our own future. The world is dying and we need to heal it. Species and ecosystems that we depend on for our own lives are threatened. Drought will come. Too much rain will come, earth quakes will come, economic instability will come, food shortages will come, our loses will show up in so many ways it may be hard to bear. But we will still be here!

What will we do about it? Will we fight with each other? Blame each other? Find fault with each other? Will we pick at each other until it is beyond our reach to change what is wrong?

Or, will we find a way to heal ourselves so we can look those who have been our opponents in the eye and say—“Let us find a way to fix this!” I will say to my very soul—

What can I do to fix this?

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