Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Ali!

Yesterday November 13th was my little dog Ali’s 4th birthday.
He has been with me for a little over 3 years and is my constant reminder that I am loved.

Although he is not above being in the way

He wants to be with me all the time and really tells me if I am neglecting him.

Then He perks his little ears and looks at me and all is well.



Val in the Rose Garden said...

So cute! We have a dog next door in our new house that looks JUST like Ali! His name is Bruster, and he is such a cute dog. Cyan loves talking with him over the fence. I am sure she will tell you about him when we talk to you soon. ;)


Val in the Rose Garden said...

My new neighbor has the same type of dog mama. His name is Bruster. He is the cutest little thing! I think of you every time I see him.

Love Val