Sunday, May 10, 2009

a note from God to Moms

To all Moms--a note from God

I walked out my back door and saw that God had sent us a Mother's Day bouquet. It was lovely creamed colored roses with edges of pink from being kissed by the sun. Over them rose a Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow with purple, lavender, and pale violet blooms. The dark purple are the baby blooms; the lavender are a day old; and the violet blooms are the older one.

As the rising sun hit the blossoms I stopped to wonder how could it be that the timing of this event could be Mother's Day.

Then it came to me. Mothers believe and count on yesterday to find joy, they live in today with pleasure and they are the builders of tomorrow.

What a joy to know that God knows that and reminded us with such a treat!

Happy Mother's Day!

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Val in the Rose Garden said...

Beautiful, and nice flowers. :)

Love Val