Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marigold's Visit

I had a clown friend that came to visit
She is a dear
We chatted until our ears grew tired
And dozed off to rest a while
Then came back for more

We walked the streets of San Francisco
And gave the cable cars a try
Saw O'Keeffe and Adams
Took pictures of trolleys and trains
And rode Bart home and there.

We saw an Egyptian tomb
and watched the stars on the ceiling
Walked in the gardens of Papyrus and Nile Lilies
and chatted until our brains were tired again.

We went to the place where movies began
Ate fine food in a tiny restaurant
and watched silent films about dogs!
All Four! Funny!

The visit was too short but that is the way it always is.
When two clowns get together
and give the town a wiz!

1 comment:

Val in the Rose Garden said...

What a sweet poem about your visit! I love that you rode the trains and trollies... it sounds lovely. Hope you have power by the time you read this.

Love Val