Friday, August 7, 2009

Build, Build, Build

If a contractor came upon a prime located property, just what he wanted for a building he had in his mind. Perfect, except that it had been an old creosote factory, and now was used as a dump for unwanted furniture, trash, a few old cars, and smelled to high heaven. And, this same property was a swamp full of dead trees rotting vegetation and filth. And, it also had been a depository for dead cows from the local farms and chicken manure and all manure of farm waste. Even to see what this land could be he had to overlook all the filth! But, he was a great contractor and could see right past it to the finished building, eco friendly, green roof, undisturbed wet land--everything.

What would he do?

Would he complain about the unknown people who had dumped their unwanted trash, find the farmers that had dumped the dead animals and complain about the way the property had been misused and neglected? Perhaps, but most likely if he really wanted to build his dream on this property he would negotiate with the city to clean up the property for tax relief, and dumping rights in the city waste disposal. He would get his contractors in to clean up and clear the land, properly dispose of the filth and animal remains and cut down and recycle the trees, clean up and plan around the wet spots, drill holes for pylon supports and plot out what the new building would look like right there.

It would be a waste of time and would not get the property fixed for the contractor to complain or even recite what was wrong with the property other than to find folks to clean it up.

He would build, build, build!

Too much time is spent reciting what is wrong.

See, plan, build, build, build!

It is the way to get things done.

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