Sunday, February 17, 2013

Deep Thoughts

Does your behavior affect anyone but your own self?

Recently, I had a difficult encounter with a woman whose child of 25 had just been arrested for being party to a gang killing of another youth. I had just met the young man, his baby and his wife the week before.  Good looking, courteous young man.  This mother was beside herself.  She could not stop crying.  A mother’s nightmare!  This young man had destroyed his life in a moment--Prison, even life in prison, is all he can look forward to now.  Did this moment of poor judgment affect only him? 

This is an extreme case, but the effect on his mother was not unlike many of us who have had hopes and dreams for our children. What a mother hopes for her child is that it lives a happy fulfilled and harmless life.

In a moment a girl/women becomes a caretaker of a new life.  A mother does not go through 9 months of difficulty, 18-20 years of sacrifice of self for another just to have it all thrown away with poor judgment or rebellion.  Or, she does not expect to!

It seems that giving life to another, raising it and loving it is not enough.  That child has a responsibility to his/her parents too!

Some misjudgments can work out OK but others ruin lives!  A lot is expected of a person who gives life to another-- but, what of the expectations of the child? 

This young man dashed the dreams of everyone around him with one stupid miss-judgment! 



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