Sunday, February 17, 2013

Deep Thoughts

Mind Sets

Because of mass media we have around us belief structures that float through our consciousness’ and pass like clouds in the sky all hoping to solidify in us and fix our minds in a form.

These create an action system. Each have, a form, a structure, a goal or way that would create the ability to choose the “right” path in life. 
Because all of us want to do our best from the first moment to the last we look for a way to evaluate ideas that will fit our lives and give us the parameters we will use to deal with much more information than our minds can process.

We search in this pool of mind sets, but this search is not an easy one. It takes commitment to each one to truly understand and therefore requires flexibility because many are not viable. The necessity to recognize and to change with this unsustainability of the current form and the work to discover a new paradigm that will be sustainable is the goal of any thinking person.

The unfortunate thing is in order to keep us within each mind set's grasp, each one is at odds with every others of like kind. The parameters within these limits the ability to change. The strongest is the hope of advancement with the abandonment hook if one does not follow the "right" path. Another is the unexamined prejudice against any other paradigm and the habitual responses inherent in staying within for a long time.

In the book named “Ishmael” the two mind sets are the Takers and the Leavers. Takers exploit no matter who or what gets damaged. The Leavers use what they need and leave the rest for others.

Ishmael” explores these two paradigms. It  discusses ways that the behavior of the Leavers looks like that of the Takers. This is important because many times the mind sets cross or overlap. If any sets are examined these crossing points are where real truth and stability reside.
I believe this is the goal of the book—to recognize and turn from the Taker life style and to turn to the Leaver life style in order to save the panet.


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