Friday, June 19, 2009

Domestic Partnership

The Gay Community has this right. I used to be called a house wife but that carried with it a demotion to servant. Wife: the one who backs up but has no power in the affairs of her husband. But, Domestic Partner, Well, that is another matter. This implies that there is equality. One partner is the business partner and the other is the domestic partner.

Yes! Domestic Partner! Equal but very different from the business partner. Yes! let us "wives" start thinking of ourselves as Partners. What a difference it makes in the way we feel about the things we need to do to keep a home in good working order and the children fed, educated, and healthy. We are then not subject to our husbands but equal. And, we are in an ongoing business of the domestic life of the whole family not just a helper/servant in our households.

Yes! Domestic Partners!

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