Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Heard An Echo Today

I heard an echo today from the past
Its meaning is etched in glass
Scraping its way into the soul
It mars even the deepest recesses
It yells from deep within the void to harm

What is this echo? I ask myself.
Why, since it is so hurtful, has it come back to haunt
Or rather does it taunt me with its repetition to do something this time?

It called the first time, but I was struck like stone
My body, mind and soul had no bone
So, I did nothing.

I have looked into my soul and found it wanting.
Wanting the strength and grit to address this echo now.
But how?

What is this echo?


This echo's impact is far and wide
It is part of who we think we are
It is how we assess each other
It is wrong, hurtful and destroys!
What can be done?

There is always a reason why someone destroys opportunity.

It is not done "on purpose"; it is done in reaction to something.
Unless that "something" is addressed the cycle of destruction is repeated over and over
And then there is the blame. . .

You don't want to succeed.
You are just lazy.
You can, but won't do it.
Your past is keeping you where you are.
I don't have the time to do anything about it.
It is up to you to change.

But, underneath the destruction is a "Child"
With all the potential he or she was born with
Stuck in a lie!

It take special attention to reach down and give this "child" a way out.
It takes loving them enough to see this "child", and then work on the way to free him or her from this echo.

Bondage comes in many forms
The mind's bondage is much harder to untie but not impossible.
Every day is a new day and that "child" waits in terror. . .

for you!

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Val in the Rose Garden said...

Beautiful. I think all of us has a child like that tucked away inside. Wonderful expression.