Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a voice in the wind

I have been talking to 4 teachers, an art teacher in private school, a Spanish teacher and a third grade teacher in public school and a home school teacher. These four people are working very hard to educate our children, but have major problems with the way things are going right now.

I wonder if they have thought of this?

Did you ever think that the state of public education was deliberate?

In the 1950's there was a push for better education. Children were taught to think for themselves and learn what they could with enthusiasm, self discipline and order. But in the 60's after the Viet Nam War protests and the civil rights demonstrations things changed. Those who were in power saw that an educated public, especially young people, would march in the streets for what they perceived is right.

This is how they choose to combat this civil unrest:

1. Slowly dumb down the books that are required for the young to learn from, removing as much of the meanings as possible and have children learn meaningless facts.

2 Listen to the uneducated and allow them to dilute the professions by giving them special dispensation because they did not know what was required (no matter what the reason).

3. Require that the higher forms of English not be used In fact don't require English at all.

4. Require educated folks to step down the language they use to the level of the majority rather than keeping up a higher standard of communication.

5. Require that all written forms be in short sentences limited to less than 10 words, use common words not more accurate words, no use of colons, semi-colons, dashes, even descriptive commas, like this, should be discouraged. This will keep the young from understanding even the basics of our nation's written documents because they will not be able to read the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.

6. Stop teaching civics, parliamentary procedure or orderly assembly, because if they learned these they would have a means of dealing with their dissatisfaction with the government thus the civil unrest that is to be avoided at all costs.

7. Promote radio, television, and other media that will accomplish the demoralization, desensitization and destruction of self esteem by subsidizing businesses that promote these aims.

8. Discredit, as much as possible, the older generation so the young feel they know better. Especially make them feel that wrinkles, yellowing teeth, and a bit of flab are signs of dementia.

9. Then, and this is the kicker, set up in the educational process for what you want workers, not citizens, to know.

10. Define a job list that has dignity and prestige attached to it, making sure that things that would care for the people are eliminated. Even though we need some of the jobs that have been discouraged like mothering, making your own shoes and clothing or growing, preserving, and cooking your own food, Thus making us all passive, fat, self riotous consumers rather than intelligent thoughtful customers.

Haven't they done a good job!? Can you look at an ad for a younger you or see a protest about not getting what you deserve rather than what you have earned without feeling bad about somebody?

Young people don't vote--they think there is no hope--they are afraid of strangers and are not willing to stop their neighbor's cat from dumping in their garden-- they don't feel they will be as well off as their parents( who are old, demented and were dumb anyway)--and they hate themselves, their appearance, their frailties and want to change noses, tattoo their bodies, and use wrinkle cream and teeth whitener at 20.

And we wonder why they don't participate! They don't even know they can!

Don't let them do this to any young person you have charge of!

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