Monday, December 7, 2009

Where are we going?

I am having trouble with Science. Our world is a finite resource. Everything on the planet is in a defined amount. Each one limited by what is here now. Science is exploring how to use every molecule of it, or should I say use up every molecule.

Science has found ways to separate, concentrate, combine, and even change the molecular structure of just about anything they want. Now they are creating a laser that can blow up a planet!--not only using up what we have here, but dispersing what is not even within our reach.

Who do we think we are? What gives humanity(rather a few humans) the right to change things to suit their curiosity, no matter what the consequences to others (animals, plants, elements, even other planets)?

The sad part is that most of us can not grow our own food, cook our own meals, fix our cars, put up our own fences, mow our own lawns, and we do not even make our beds or wash our own dishes. We let our resources mold, rust and melt into the land fill. Science still can not get rid of nuclear waste, scrub the emissions of a coal fueled electrical plant or find a way to recycle about 1/2 of our garbage, but they can blow up a planet!

Wow! Where are our priorities?

Oh, by the way the complaints about your use of electricity? The Hedron Collider in Europe uses electricity at the same rate as a city of 300,000 people. For what? To find out what happened in the big bang at the beginning of the universe. Wow! again. I think my Christmas lights are really no problem!

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