Friday, September 5, 2008

Waiting for Water

Waiting for Water

Water is the universal solvent. It dissolves almost everything given its own time. I was washing dishes today and picked up a spatula that someone had used a scrubbing pad on. It had a little mark where the food had been and even tiny scratches all around the food mark where someone had scrubbed to get the food off. I do not know when this was done, but I could clearly see the mark that the stuck-on food had left. It could have been days, weeks even years ago, but I saw it today.

I wonder if that person who so desperately wanted the food off that spatula knows that I know it was scrubbed. I wonder if he/she knows that their efforts can be seen so far into the future.

How many times have we done something in a rash moment of impatience that made its mark deep into the future?

Waiting for the water to soften the food so it could be wiped off easily with a soft cloth would have been the way to not let the stubborn food leave its mark on the spatula. Similarly if time is given its way all things that seem impossible are softened to be easily dealt with. But are we patent enough to wait for this? This person was not and the mark will be there for the life of the spatula.

I wonder if our impatience is like that.

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