Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ode to the Orange I, II, III

Oh! Little Golden Orb of Sunshiny Pleasure
You bless us at Christmastime with your cheerfulness.
In springtime nestled in the leaves
Your tiny white flowers perfume the air all around
With a thick and sweet honey fragrance.
In your first days you are tiny and green,
But you grow into plump sunny joy by winter just when we need you.
Dimpled yellow-gold spheres hang like Christmas ornaments
On the tip of a shiny leafed branch.
Heavy with sun and rain and golden goodness
A good shake and you come tumbling to the ground.
The scent of your skin fills my hand
As I rescue you from the fallen leaves
My fingernail breaks the surface of your golden peel
Like sprites, your fragrant oils jump into the air
They will not be lost to my hungry mouth!
Your soft spongy white fills my nails
The silky pungent oil turns my hand shiny orange.
I save your peel or another treat.
If I am careful I do not spill even a tiny bit of the precious juice
That lies inside your perfectly sectioned belly.
(Is your belly button an iny or an outy?)
Covered with a thin white paper
Your sections open to reveal golden droplets filled with juice.
Your essence fills the air and my mouth waters in anticipated Joy!
I pull out a smiley wedge
Pop it full on to my waiting tongue.
My teeth sink into the golden droplets
The juice runs down my tongue filling
My mouth,
My nose,
My consciousness with pure joy.
Whole, sliced into wheels or smiles, fresh or cooked, candied or jellied
Oh! Little Golden Orb of Sunshiny Pleasure,
Full of color, scent, sweet taste,
Healthful Christmas pleasure on a cold rainy or snowy day
You are the best!
Merry Christmas 2006

Ode to the Orange II

Oh! Precious orange so round and bright
Keep us healthy all through the cold winter night

Your succulent little wedges make us smile
All the while making our insides free of bile

O little wonder of the winter
How do you do it?
My nose is not stuffy
My throat is not sore
My chest can breathe deeply
In the cold snowy air.

Even though you don’t grow here
You think of us all summer
Making your little green orbs
That turn orange to brighten
Our Tum Tum Tummers
May all the winters be brightened with your presence
While we gleefully unwrap all our presents.

Christmas 2007
Ode to an Orange III

Oh little orb of happiness
You sweetness we do cherish
We roll you like a piece of dough
And squish you until at last
We prick your wrinkly rind
With peppermint so strait and fine
And suck sublime fruity minty sweet juice
Until you look like your skin is loose.

Our tummies full we turn a new
To find a few clove blossoms
all dry and brown
That fill you skin with a heavenly smell
As we push them into your little shell.
We tie a bow and hang you low and
As you dry your fragrance fills our closets.
We can ignore smell of the world out side
Because your beauty fills our world
With joy and pride.

How can we thank you for such bliss?
We will plant you with a kiss
Of heaven, earth, and stars above
To show you how much we love
The joy you bring at Christmas time

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by Val said...

I love this one. :) Great post mama!

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