Saturday, September 6, 2008

Is guilt really guilt?

Is Guilt Really Guilt?

I feel uncomfortable when I realize I have made a mistake.
I feel bad when I haven’t done something that I feel I should have.
I have difficulties doing other things until I apologize for a wrong done to someone else.
I feel dirty if my house is not vacuumed and dusted.
When I am too tired to do the dishes or to busy to water the garden I am not happy with myself.
I feel shame when I eat two packs of cookies in 4 days just because they were there.
Is this really the big G --Guilt?
Don't sweat the little things. These are not guilt, but your own need for order and consistant behavior with your values.
Guilt is not these uncomfortable feelings. Guilt is much more than that. It is the recognition that you are not as nice as you thought you were. Guilt is the full recognition that you have done something to someone or something that has damaged them forever. Guilt is the realization that you will willfully do things that you know are wrong.
Forgiveness comes when you fully recognize this and try your hardest not to do the things that harmed others by your actions or inactions. This try and the attempt to make the wrong right is the path to forgiving yourself and when you can do this you don’t need to be afraid to continue your life. If you don’t come to this forgivness there will always be a weight on Your Being that will stop you from doing.

Make things right in your life, recognize what part you had in it, change what you can, ask for forgiveness when you can’t change it, and forgive yourself for being weak enough to have done it.Your life will be better for it and so will the lives of all around you.

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