Thursday, September 4, 2008

Arn't they cute

If you don't know what I think you will now.
Why I don’t listen to both sides anymore.

As a child I was taught to listen to both sides of an issue in order to get perspective. I have diligently done this all my life. The news media is forever getting two opposing sides to talk about issues. It has been a rule that there are always at least two sides to every situation. Honesty was always implied, both sides merely having legitimate differences of opinion or differing facts.

BUT…I have become aware that devious desperate people will propose fictitious arguments (LIE) to confuse and sway people to their side.

The tobacco company to keep their product on the market, the polluters to keep from paying for the damage to their neighbors and the environment, bosses to keep from paying the women in their employ an equal wage, the president to get us into a war, and the list goes on . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This week is the Republican convention. I have always watched both sides. I have been an independent voter, but as I watched the opening event, the choice for vice president, I heard my first bold face lie. That was enough for me.

The Democrats will raise taxes on Exxon’s windfall profits not on the middle class, and 6 years in a state legislature, 2 years in the Senate is more experience than years of running a small town or being governor of a large state full of caribou! The choice of a 42 year old woman who has domestic credibility and limited public service plus the old lie that the Democrats will raise taxes was the last straw.

When they said and I quote “America loves an underdog” I knew they were not seriously going to put out any facts but just play on sympathy. DON’T BELIEVE IT! Choose the party that gave us a surplus not the one who killed our children, and took our jobs and SPENT that surplus plus gave us the largest deficit ever. When will we wake up?

I will not be listening to the other side this time. Global warming is more important than protecting Exxon from playing us back the money they bleed from our economy. Having 2 people who have devoted their whole lives to public service and the presence of mind to have advisors that are smart not just on their side is enough!

The Republican Party is devious desperate people who are proposing fictitious arguments (LIE) to confuse and sway people to their side.

I don’t believe advertizing or the Republican Party or any of its representatives any longer so I will not listen even to counter their arguments. I won’t even be listening!


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