Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fair and unbiased

The American media have prided themselves on their objectivity and fairness. Recently, I have become aware that this pride has left them open to being manipulated by those who would lie to get their way. Because of the media’s need to feel they have been fair to everyone they allow anyone to speak without going through the material for lies. This may seem like censorship but in fact it is responsible reporting. Allowing someone to publicly speak untruths is the same as promoting the lie. Letting raving, lies, misdirection and flat out deception air is unconscionable.

Fair and unbiased should give the media the responsibility to search out facts and present them without attachment. FACTS? Yes, real facts they do exist and should be what is in the news. This is our right to a free press. Allowing someone to guilt the media into airing or printing something that is outright a lie is breaking the contract with the people. The media is the watchdog of our rights. Why are they not functioning that way?

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