Friday, September 5, 2008

Morning Glories

Morning Glories

I was in my vegetable garden and I pulled up 375 Morning Glory seedlings. It made me think of the 6 or so other times I have weeded that bed and had the same results. I just plug along and pull them up, one by one, and soon the dormant little siblings of theses little two leafed heart-shaped green bits of fetal blue and purple flowers are popping up everywhere.

Well, it all started when my neighbor planted Morning Glory to cover the front of a large yellow 2-car garage. Boy! Did it look beautiful! The flowers came in large blue buds that twisted out to unfold a large blue flower that turned first purple then pink as it matured. Spectacular!

Several years later it was a full cover for above the garage doors, but long tendrils crept into my rose hedge and up over my plum tree as well as covering the fence between our yards and creeping into every little crack in the wall of the shed.

One day the neighbor behind me said “You probably need to do something about that Morning Glory. It is blooming INSIDE your shed! I turned and looked and sure enough the flowers were right there in the window.

So when my neighbor moved he pulled down his Morning Glory and left the garage bright and clean. We needed to have a gardener come and clean it off the fence and behind both garage and shed and then poisoned it so it would not come back. But still it popped up in the rose hedge. It had put down roots deep in the thicket where we could not reach. That was not too much of a problem because when the long tendrils snook out of their hiding place they quickly get snipped and that was that.

But the birds had some ideas about this plant too. My back fence, all the way across the yard, grew 3 pretty little Morning Glory seedlings last year. I let them grow because the blossoms are so beautiful and the plant covered the chain link fence so nicely, but I did not take them down in the fall nor did I clean up the seeds that dropped. Boy, was that a mistake!

Now I have a constant job of cleaning out these little cloven-hoofed shaped leaves that pop up all over my vegetable garden.

I think they are timed released. In April I pulled 175, In May I pulled 200 twice. (I am counting them just not to be so bored). Then in June there were 350, now in July, I got 375 all from the same place--all just seedlings. Those three Morning Glory plants I let go last year were very happy in my yard!

Well, I was just thinking. Discordant behaviors in your life are like the Morning Glory plant. Some are even beautiful because of the excitement or even pleasure they bring, but they have such a high cost. If indulged in they plant seeds of disharmony that are much more destructive than the discordant behaviors itself.

So weed your garden of behaviors every day or they may cover over your life with the blossoms of disharmony. You may have a Morning Glory patch too big for you to handle and all other thing you do in your life may be covered over!

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